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As of January 2023, Torpedo is not operating anymore.

As we tried to better serve our tens of thousands of users, trying to get them faster delivery (by adding more drop-off points), more variety (by adding restaurants) and more convenience (by adding drop-off points), we realized that we were turning into another "traditional delivery" company.

There are already tens of them, we wouldn't be serving our customer well by creating one more.

Our team is building something new. And we will share more soon.


Helping create social experiences


Torpedo is a technology company that taps into communities to bring the best in them.


We enable our users to tap into their community to get inspiration for what to eat and save on delivery fees.


We enable our merchants to tap into the communities where they operate to sell more to them online. 


By grouping the orders, everyone wins!

  • Customers pay less for delivery (by sharing the cost)

  • Drivers get higher pay (more users per tip = more tips)

  • Merchants sell more (higher volumes)


By the way, our fee is a 1/3 that of existing players! 

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Sell more, and keep more of your hard earned money


For Customers

Be social, support local and save money on delivery

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